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What is COS-level Backup Management

COS-level Backup Management is a feature added in ZeXtras Suite version 1.2.5.

It allows the administrator to disable ALL ZeXtras Backup functions for a whole Class of Service in order lower storage usage.

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Even if it's possible to manage the Backup by COS, the Zextras license must comprehend the total of users on the Zimbra infrastructure.

How does COS-level Backup Management work?

What happens if I disable the ZxBackup Module for a Class of Service?

  • The Real Time Scanner will ignore all accounts in such COS.
  • The Export Backup function WILL NOT EXPORT accounts in such COS.
  • Accounts in such COS will be treated as "Deleted" by the backup system. This means that after the Data Retention period expires all data for such accounts will be purged from the backup store. Re-enabling the backup for a Class of Service will reset this.

How is the "backup enabled"/"backup disabled" information saved?

Disabling the backup for a Class of Service will add the following marker to the Class of Service's "Notes" field: ${ZxBackup_Disabled}

While the Notes field remains fully editable and usable, changing or deleting this marker will re-enable the backup for the COS.

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Important Informations

  • "I have X mailboxes on my server, but I only need backup for Y. Can I get my ZeXtras License only for Y mailboxes, put all accounnts I don't need to backup in a COS and disable backup for that COS?"
    • No. The ZeXtras Suite License is designed to work server-wide, so the number of mailboxes acquired with your license must be equal or higher than the total number of mailboxes on your server.
  • "Can I restore data from an account in a backup-disabled COS?"
    • Yes, all restore modes will correctly as long as there is any available backupped data (e.g. if the account was previously included in the backup and the backupped data has not been deleted due to retention expiration).

How to disable the backup for a Class of Service

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How to re-enable the backup for a Class of Service

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