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Version 0.99.7

  • Added support for Zimbra version 6.0.14 and 7.1.2

Version 0.99.6

ZeXtras Suite

  • Fixed a bug that caused scheduled Live Full Scan to start even if the backup system was not initialized, thus inizializing it on the default directory (see Here)
  • Changed ZxBackup default behaviour during restores when Zimbra can't parse an item. Now the operation continues and skipped items are notified at the end of the operation. (see Here and Here)
  • Minor fixes to the import engine for Calendar entries.

ZeXtras Migration Tool

  • Fixed a major bug which could lead to null migration. [1]

Version 0.99.5

  • Child Account (Family Mailbox) and related mailboxes are now fully backupped and restored. A restore of a Parent account maintains the link with the child account perfectly functional.
  • Major core enhancements.
  • Several UI Fixes and Improvements
  • Minor fixes to the ZeXtras Installer

Version 0.99.4

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when importing a Zimbra 6.x backup to a Zimbra 7.x server. Now all the documents contained in an account are correctly saved to the default Briefcase if the account is being imported to a version of Zimbra Open Source Edition that doesn't support the Documents function (7.0 and up). [Thanks to GVillari for the bug feedback on the forums]
  • Added full support to Signatures, Identities and Datasources. All this properties are now fully backupped and restored.
  • Corrected a minor bug that caused the creation of Calendar Events when importing pending invite emails.
  • Several UI Fixes and Improvements.
  • Minor fixes to the ZeXtras Installer.

Version 0.99.3

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the automatic creation of the default backup directory (see Forums)
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent the installation of ZeXtras Suite on Zimbra 7.x. (see Forums)

Version 0.99.2

  • Added Zimbra version 7.1.1 and 6.0.13 compatibilty. Please note that as stated on the Compatibility List, internal testing is still undergoing.
  • Critical Bugfix on Trial Mode date management (Please upgrade if running on Trial Mode).
  • Minor fix on the "Customer Name" field of the License.

Version 0.99.1

  • First Public Release

Version 0.87

  • First Alpha Release of ZxBackup

Version 0.84

  • First Alpha Test Release

Version 0.01

  • Internal Development Concept
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