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Latest Version: 2.16.0
Released on: April 4th, 2019
Compatibility List
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ZeXtras Compatibility List

The Compatibility Tables for ZeXtras Suite are found below. Please take note of the following statements before checking for compatibility:

  • Patches have no effect on ZeXtras Suite, so when a version is mentioned in the List all patchlevels are to be considered compatible and thus not mentioned.
  • If you need to update your Zimbra version, please see ZeXtras_Suite_Installation_Guide#Zimbra_Upgrade.
Warning.png Warning!

Starting from April 5th 2019, the Zextras Installer will automatically download the most appropriate core, zimlet and collaterals for the Zimbra version detected on the system.

Compatibility Table

Zimbra Versions

Zimbra Version Zextras Suite Build Open Source Edition Network Edition
8.6.0 - 8.8.x 2.16.0 SUPPORTED UNSUPPORTED
8.0.0 - 8.5.x 2.14.1 (OSE) 2.4.13 (NE) SUPPORTED SUPPORTED
7.0.0 - 7.2.x 2.4.13 SUPPORTED
6.0.7 - 6.0.16 2.4.13 SUPPORTED
6.0.0 - 6.0.6 UNSUPPORTED


  • Zimbra versions older than Zimbra 6.0.7 are not supported by either the Legacy or Current build of Zextras Suite. Support for such versons will not be added in the future.
  • Zimbra Network Edition support has been discontinued starting with Zextras Suite 2.6. The Legacy build still supports Zimbra Network Edition on all compatible versions.

Operating Systems

Zextras Suite is compatible with any Operating System officially supported by the installed Zimbra version.

ZCA Network Edition Appliance

The ZCA Network Edition Applicance is not considered as production-ready anymore and thus it's not supported by Zextras Suite.

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