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The ZeXtras Suite Notification System

ZeXtras Suite version 1.0 introduced an improved notification system.

It's designed to provide an easier management of ZeXtras Suite and its modules to system administrators allowing them to have a clear overview of running and completed operations, warnings and errors.

What is notified to the Administrator

  • Software Updates
  • Started Operations - Including a brief overview of the operation data
  • Operation Progress - only for External Import operations
  • Completed Operations - With exit status and informations

Notification Level

Quantity and verbosity of notifications can be set in the "Core" section of the ZeXtras Adminsitration Zimlet.

Available notification levels are:

  • Critical - Only Critical Error notifications are sent
  • Error - Only Error notifications are sent
  • Warning - Only Warning and Error notifications are sent
  • Information - Error, Warning and Operation Start/end notifications are sent (standard verbosity)
  • Debug - Error, Warning, Operation Start/end, Debug and System information notifications are sent (high verbosity)

Notifications Methods

ZeXtras Administration Zimlet

In the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet, click on "Notifications" to show up the Notification tab. The notification interface works with the same logic of an email client: A list of read or unread messages and a box that displays the contents of individual notifications.


It consists of the following elements:

  • (1) "Notifications List": a list the last 16 notifications received.
  • (2) "Mark as Unread" button: To mark a read operation as unread
  • (3) "Details": a box that displays the contents of the selected Notification.
  • (4) "Refresh" and "Mark all as Read" buttons on the top


All notifications are sent via email to the administrator account. The sender and recipient address for email notifications can be selected in the "Core" section of the ZeXtras Adminsitration Zimlet(default: admin@domain).

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