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Latest Version: 2.14.0
Released on: February 11th, 2019
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Product Description

ZeXtras Suite is made to expand the capabilities of your Zimbra Open Source Edition.

ZeXtras is packaged as a modular solution allowing you to pay only what you actually need.

Each module adds a new feature, giving you the power to do things you thought impossible with Zimbra Open Source Edition.

You buy what you need, for the time you need it, and in the way you prefer. Create your own license! Our online store is so flexible that you can reconfigure your license almost real-time.

Migrate ANY flavour of Zimbra Comunication Server to your Zimbra Open Source Edition with ZeXtras using ZxMig, included FREE with the Suite, in just a few clicks.

Manage all your Modules via the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.

Decrease the TCO of your mail system while making it better... eXtraordinary, isn't it?

Yes or No?

What ZeXtras Suite is NOT What ZeXtras Suite is
ZeXtras Suite is not a Modification of Zimbra Collaboration Server. ZeXtras Suite is an Add-On for Zimbra Collaboration Server (Open Source Edition).
ZeXtras Suite is not a fork nor a derivative work of Zimbra Collaboration Server. ZeXtras Suite is developed from scratch by an independent company named ZeXtras.
ZeXtras Suite is not a Hack, nor a Cracked version of Zimbra Communication Server. ZeXtras Suite is an Extension to Zimbra Collaboration Server (Open Source Edition).
ZeXtras Suite is not a reverse engineered version of the Zimbra Network Edition modules. ZeXtras Suite is designed, developed and maintained by ZeXtras accordingly to it's own original ideas.
ZeXtras Suite is not supported nor endorsed nor related in any way to Zimbra inc., Yahoo inc., VMWare inc. ZeXtras Suite is developed and supported only by ZeXtras and sold only by ZeXtras and its partners worldwide.
ZeXtras Suite is not distributed with any binary file or piece of source code copyrighted by Zimbra. ZeXtras Suite is distributed as a package of its own. Said package includes the ZeXtras Core, the ZeXtras Zimlets, the ZeXtras Migration Tool and the ZeXtras Installers.



The ZeXtras Website.


Community Resources

This very wiki. Here you can find docs and informations.

The ZeXtras Suite Forum is the right place to ask questions and share informations.

Customer Resources

The ZeXtras Store. Buy and manage your ZeXtras Suite license(s).

ZeXtras Customer Center. Customers have a private section on the forums. To gain access, just enter your forum username during the ZeXtras Store Account Registration when prompted (or add it in the "Edit Information" page in the store).

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