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A couple of words before you begin

This is a message from a sysadmin to a sysadmin.

ZeXtras Migration Tool is a great piece of software that dramatically simplifies the migration from one Zimbra server to antoher.

However, the first rule of a migration of this kind is simple: Take your time.

Read through this guide and the related pages, and if you still have any doubts or questions, ask it on the forums (ZeXtras Migration Tool Forums).

Spending some time planning will gratly benefit the operation.

Preparing the migration

In order to minimize the risk of errors, please perform the following mainteinance procedures before migrating:

  • Doublecheck Zimbra permissions with the following command (must be ran as root): /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms --verbose --extended
  • Reindex all mailboxes.
  • Check the BLOB consistency with the zmblobchk utility (see Here for more details)
Warning.png Warning!

if you are running ZxSuite 2.4.0 or above, you must stop the ZxPowersore service before running "zmblobchk" utility

zxsuite powerstore doStopService module

zmblobchk ....

zxsuite powerstore doStartService module

Migration Checklist

To efficently migrate data from a Zimbra server to another you will need:

  • Full access to both Zimbra servers (admin access to Zimbra Administration Console and root access to the machine)
  • ZeXtras Migration Tool installed on the SOURCE machine
  • ZeXtras Suite, with the ZxBackup module activated, on the DESTINATION machine. Both Paid License and Trial Mode will do.
  • A "ferry" store to move the exported data to the new server, approx. the size of the /opt/zimbra/store/ folder on the Source machine. This can be a network share o a dedicated device in a physical environment or a virtual disk on a virtual environment. Mind that during the migration you'll need to move the "ferry" store from a machine to another.
Warning.png Warning!

Warning: Checking the size of the /opt/zimbra/store/ folder with a `du` command can take a pretty long time

Migration Process

The migration process is pretty straightforward:

Zimbra to zimbra.png

The first part of the migration takes place on the Source machine and aims to export a dataset containing all the items, metadata and configurations of your choice.
Then, after moving the "ferry" store to the Destination server, such dataset will be imported on the new system.

What will be migrated

Virtually everything, including:


  • Emails and Attachments
  • Folders (local and shared)
  • Calendars
  • Documents (for 6.x exports)
  • Briefcases
  • Tasks
  • User Preferences


  • COSs
  • LDAP user Configs (such as External Auth)
  • Domain Settings
Warning.png Warning!

WARNING: Starting from Version 1.2.5 of ZeXtras Migration Tool, you can choose to exclude all accounts belonging to one or more Classes of Service from the export. For more informations see HERE

Part 1 - Source Server

Interlude: Moving the Ferry Store

Once the export process is completed, you must unmount the "ferry" store from the Source Machine and mount it on the Destination machine.

Remember that the zimbra user must have AT LEAST read permissions for the folder containing the dataset. The Import Wizard will check for this requirement.

Part 2 - Destination Server

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