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This documentation is outdated.
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ZxMig Version ZAL version Zimbra Version
1.10.0 1.5.0 6.0.7 o superior*
1.10.1 1.5.1 6.0.7 o superior*
1.10.2 1.5.1 6.0.7 o superior*
2.0.0 1.6.0 6.0.7 o superior*
2.0.1 1.8.0 6.0.7 o superior*
2.0.2 1.8.1 6.0.7 o superior*
2.0.3 1.8.4 6.0.7 o superior*
2.0.4 1.8.4 6.0.7 or higher*
2.2.4 1.10.5 6.0.7 o superior*
2.2.5 1.10.6 6.0.7 o superior*

The ZAL package will be automatically installed by the ZeXtras Migration Tool installer.

Should the ZeXtras Installer be unable to determine the latest ZAL version or to download it on your server you can download the most appropriate ZAL package using the Link provided by the installer itself.

  • Zimbra 6.0.11 is not supported due to several critical issues affecting such release which make it unsuitable for production environments.
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