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This wiki is outdated and not maintained anymore, please refer to the new Zextras Documentation Hub at https://docs.zextras.com

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This documentation is outdated.
Please refer to https://docs.zextras.com

What is ZeXtras Suite?

What Is ZeXtras Suite

What's the latest release of ZeXtras Suite?

Version 3.0.0, released on August 7th, 2019

See the Changelog for all the details.

What Modules are currently available?

The available modules are ZxBackup, ZxMobile, ZxPowerStore, ZxAdmin and ZxChat.

All planned modules have been released!

Is ZeXtras Suite Free (as in "free beer")?

Yes and No.

ZeXtras Suite is a modular solution, and each module has its own pricing. Some modules are paid and all modules are also available in a full bundle, while some modules are free and usable without an ongoing license (ZxChat).

The ZeXtras Migration Tool, which is not a ZeXtras Suite module but a stand-alone software, is also free.

ZeXtras Suite is sold by ZeXtras SRL through the ZeXtras Store and through its worldwide network of Partners

Is ZeXtras Suite Free (as in "free speech")?


ZeXtras Suite is a closed-source software released under the ZeXtras End User License Agreement.

How does the Licensing work?

More informations about ZeXtras Suite Licensing and License Management can be found HERE.

Where can I find more informations about ZeXtras Suite online?

The main online resources for everything ZeXtras are:

the ZeXtras Website

the ZeXtras Wiki

the ZeXtras Forums

the ZeXtras Bugzilla

the ZeXtras Store

I'd really really really really like to follow ZeXtras through the most famous Social Networks, is it possible?

It's not just possible, it's highly suggested!

ZeXtras Suite on Facebook

ZeXtras Migration Tool on Facebook

ZeXtras on Twitter

ZeXtras on Google+

ZeXtras Suite Youtube Channel

ZeXtras on LinkedIn (corporate page)

The ZeXtras Linkedin Group

Is there an ETA for ZxWhatever ?

Short answer: No.

Long Answer: During the development of a module or new feature, we will do our best to share with all of our customers and followers a target Quarter for the release until a final release date is finally set.

Join the Forums at http://forums.zextras.com to discuss future features and give us feedback about the things you like or don't like.

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