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What is the Zextras Suite Legacy Release?

Starting from version 2.6, all new Zextras Suite and Zextras Migration Tool releases won't be compatible with Zimbra Collaboration 6.x and Zimbra Collaboration 7.x anymore.

Such Zimbra releases are extremely old and are affected by several critical security bugs that have been fixed by or don't affect newer releases - and on top of that those are way out of both their official Technical Support and Technical Guidance periods.

In order to guarantee service continuity for all customers using the aforementioned Zimbra versions and helping them to migrate to the latest release, Zextras will keep maintaining the Zextras Suite 2.4.x branch as a "Legacy" development branch until June 30th 2018, releasing new versions in such branch with a "whenever needed" release schedule.

Starting from December 31st, 2017 our Support Team will not provide further support to Zextras Suite 2.4.x except for those running Zimbra 6.x or 7.x and planning a migration to Zimbra 8.8. Anyone running Zimbra 8.x is strongly advised to upgrade to Zimbra 2.6 as soon as possible, as that is now the only officially supported release.

Compatibility Information

The Zextras Suite "Legacy" package is compatible with all Zimbra versions between Zimbra 6.0.7 and Zimbra 8.7.11. Newer versions, starting with Zimbra 8.8, are not compatible and require Zextras Suite 2.6 or higher (the "Current" release).

Fixes and Improvements

There is no pre-planned release schedule for the Zextras Suite Legacy package.

New releases will only include critical Zextras Backup updates and critical Zextras Suite Zimlet updates involving Zextras Backup features.

No new features, improvements, UI fixes or bug fixes on any module except for Zextras Backup will be included in the Legacy release. No changes from the Current release will be backported to the Legacy release.

Warning.png Warning!

If you are running Zimbra 8.0 or higher, make sure to install the latest Current package (as of today, version 3.0.0)

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