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Getting Started

This page will guide you in all the steps needed to get up and running a Backup Infrastructure based on ZxBackup for a Zimbra Open Source Edition server.

If you don't know what ZxBackup or the ZeXtras Suite are, take a look to the page What Is ZeXtras Suite for basic informations.

Prerequisites are:

  • Basic Knowledge of Zimbra Collaboration Server.
  • A version of Zimbra Collaboration Server higher than 6.0.7.
  • Admin access to the Zimbra Admin Console and Root access to the server.
  • The ZeXtras Suite package (ZeXtras Suite Downloads)


This guide is suitable for both novice and expert System Administrators.

Misc Informations

System Requirements

ZeXtras Suite can be installed on any server capable of running Zimbra Open Source Edition (version 6.0.7 or higher). The impact on system performance is neglectable.

Be sure to have enough storage space on the drive designated as backup. The average space needed for ZxBackup to work spans from 60% to 75% of Zimbra's total store size (MailStore + DataStore + IndexStore).

Hot and Cold

Unlike the vast majority of back up solutions for Zimbra Open Source, ZxBackup allows for REAL Hot backup procedures.

The only service interruption you'll ever face will be the restart of the mailboxd daemon after the installation.

Real Time Scanner

ZxBackup most important feature is the Real Time Scanner.

Each event on the system is recorded live to Zimbra Open's RedoLog and saved by ZeXtras Backup, which means that is always possible to rollback an account to a previous state.

Tech Guide (or: Where the Wild Things are)


This guide covers the following steps:

  • Package install
  • Package configuration
  • First Start
  • Scheduling configuration
  • Final checks

Package install

ZeXtras Suite Installation Guide


Managing the Real Time Scanner

First Start

Initialize ZeXtras Backup

Admin Guide

ZeXtras Backup Admin Guide

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