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What is the ZeXtras Admin Configuration Reset

The ZeXtras Admin Configuration Reset is a free feature of the ZeXtras Admin module that allows a Global Administrator to completely wipe all delegation rights from the server.

This is not a "rollback" feature that cleans the ZxAdmin module's configuation. Resetting the Admin Configuration will affect both ZxAdmin and Zimbra delegation rights

Warning.png Warning!

Using the Admin Configuration Reset feature will completely wipe all delegation configuration from the server, bringing it back to the state of a fresh installation. Only Admin Delegation settings will be wiped, no other kind of data will be affected

What does the Admin Configuration Reset clear

The Admin Configuration Reset clears the following configurations:

  • The "isDelegatedAdmin" account property for all accounts on the server
  • All Access Control Entries and all Access Control Lists for
    • Users
    • Classes of Service
    • Domains
    • Classes of Service
    • Local Configuration
    • Server Configuration
    • Zimlets

When should I use the Admin Config Reset?

The Admin Config Reset should only be used in the following cases:

  • After a Zimbra NE to Zimbra OSE migration
    • The reset will clean up all the old Network Edition ACL and ACE settings which are not of any use in Zimbra Open Source Edition.
  • To completely reset a compromised situation
    • If one or more wrong ACL or ACE settings cause your Zimbra Administration Console to be unstable or not to properly show (eg. displayinh a blank page or missing one or more UI elements), use the Admin Configuration Reset as a final resolution.
  • If you plan to stop using the ZeXtras Admin module
    • The reset option is available even if no valid ZeXtras License is active. Remember that this will also wipe any manually set Delegation setting.

How do I use the Admin Configuration Reset?

If you really want to reset the Admin Delegation Configuration, simply run the

 `zxsuite core doDeleteAllDelegatedRights` 

CLI command. You will be asked to enter a confirmation string in order to avoid any accidental use of the command.

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