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What is Delegated Admin Log Browsing?

The ZeXtras Admin allows a Global Admin to easily keep track of all Admins' activity through a search-based graphical log browser.

The ZeXtras Admin Log Browser

The ZeXtras Admin Log Browser can be accessed by clicking the "Browse Logs" in the ZxAdmin tab of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet. The "Filter Log" pop-up dialog will open allowing you to apply some filters to the logs you want to browse.

The available filters are:

  • "Basic" filters
    • "Admin": Filter the logs to only view operations performed by a single Domain Admin.
    • "Action": Filter the logs to only view one particular action. See below for the available actions.
  • "Advanced" filters
    • "Client IP": filters the logs to only shows operations performed from a determined IP address.
    • "Show Logins": select this checkbox to also show when the Domain Admins log into the Zimbra Web Client.
    • "Outcome": filters the logs to either show all operations, successful operations or failes operations.
    • "Start" and "End": limits the logs shown to a specific timespan (default: the current day).

Clicking the "View" button will apply the selected filters and show the log browser.

The "Action" filter

Any operation an Administrator can perform is available in the drop-down menu of the "Action" filter.

All of this operations are important to keep track of your admin's actions and to troubleshoot issues, in our opinion the most interesting are:

  • "Auth": All ZWC authentications
  • "DelegateAuth": All Delegated Authentications, either through the "View Mail" button or through the "-z" option of the zmmailbox command.
  • "CreateAccount": All account creations.
  • "DeleteAccount": All account deletions.
  • "Set Password": All mailbox password changes.
  • "RemoveAccountAlias": All alias deletions.
  • "DeleteDistributionList": All distribution lists deletions.
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