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ZxAdmin logo box.png Available since ZeXtras version: 1.7.0
Latest Version: 2.6.7
Released on: July 10th, 2018
Compatibility List
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Admin Guide

Q: "Do Delegated Admins need to log into a different Administration Console than Global Admins?"

A: No, the same Administration Console is used, but Delegated Admins can see and operate on much less settings and options than Global Admins.

Q: "My ZeXtras Suite License/Trial is expired and I don't want to use ZeXtras Admin anymore. Is there a way to revert all delegation settings to default?

A: Yes, see the Admin Delegation Configuration Reset page for more informations.

Q: "Is ZxAdmin also available to buy as a stand-alone module?"

A: It is, starting from September 8th 2016

Q: "Can I use ZxAdmin on Zimbra Network Edition?"

A: Yes, but only from version 2.4.0 onwards. Using any older version, if Zimbra Network Edition is detected the ZeXtras Admin module will be forcibly disabled.

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