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ZxBackup logo box.png Available since ZeXtras version: 0.87
Latest Version: 2.6.7
Released on: July 10th, 2018
Compatibility List
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Admin Guide
Backup Initialization

ZxBackup User Interface Overview

What is ZxBackup

Zextras Backup is one of the modules of ZeXtras Suite.

It's designed to provide a backup and restore infrastructure to a ZeXtras enabled VMWare Zimbra Open Source Edition server, enabling a system administrator to backup any data and configuration on a live server with no downtimes, and to restore any previously saved data on any ZeXtras Suite machine.

It takes advantage of the native RedoLog system to make a real-time backup of ALL transactions on the server, giving the administrator a wide array of restore options. From a single-mailbox rollback to a full server recovery everything is possible, with split-second precision.

Features List

Major features of ZeXtras Backup Module are:

  • Easy to use, via ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.
  • Real-time scan and backup using Zimbra Open Source Edition's own RedoLog.
  • External Backup procedures.
  • Complete de-duplication of all Items, meaning smarter storage usage.
  • Optimized storage over time ratio.
  • Data Retention Policy management.
  • Consistency Check.

See the full features list and module presentation on ZeXtras Suite Website

Module Activation

See License Management for all the informations you need about the licensing system and management.


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