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ZeXtras Backup Initialization

If you're reading this page you most probably just completed the installation of ZeXtras Suite. If so, congratulations! You are just one step away from the safety of your data!

If this is not the case, check the ZxBackup page for all the informations you need!

Why an initialization is needed

To work properly, ZeXtras Backup needs a dedicated directory on a filesystem to save all its configurations and all the backupped data. The default path for this directory is /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/.

The inizialization process automatically creates the folder structure and the configuration files needed.

When an initialization is needed

  • Immediatly after installing ZeXtras Suite
  • Every time the "Backup Destination Path" is changed in the ZxBackup tab of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.

Initialization Guide

To Initialize the ZeXtras Backup Module just run a SmartScan following these steps:

  • Access your Zimbra Admin interface.
  • In the Left Pane of the Administration Console select ZeXtras to show up the ZeXtras Panel.
  • Click the Backup tab (requires either the ZeXtras Suite Trial or a valid License).
  • Under "Basic Backup Configuration" click "Initialize NOW"

Once the SmartScan is completed, ZxBackup will be fully initialized and working!

All informations about how to use ZeXtras Backup and its features can be found in the ZxBackup Admin Guide

"One Minute Tutorial"

"ZeXtras Backup is not initialized"

Since version 1.8.13, ZeXtras Suite is capable to detect an uninitialized Backup Path and will notify the administrator through both the ZeXtras Notification System and via email about it.

Receiving this notification after having initialized the ZeXtras Backup module is probably a symptom of a storage issue, in the form of:

  • Storage device unmounted.
  • Storage device unavailable (e.g. networking issues for remote shares).
  • Bad permissions on the Backup Path.

Should this happen, check your storage to make sure that it is functional and properly configured and that the Backup Path is accessible. Once the Backup Path becomes available again there will be no need to re-initialize it, but running a SmartScan is highly suggested to ensure coherency between the live system and the backup.

If your old storage/backup path is compromised, configure a new Backup Path and initialize it to reprise the realtime backup.

Warning.png Warning!

If you don't wish to use the ZeXtras Backup module, albeit it being licensed, you can disable it via the ZeXtras CLI. Run `zxsuite backup getProperty` as the 'zimbra' user to see al ZeXtras Backup module properties.

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