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Available since version: 0.87
Latest Version: 3.0.0
Released on: August 7th, 2019
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After 3 years of honorable service, the FullScan feature has been removed from ZeXtras Suite. Thus, starting from ZeXtras Suite 1.8.17 the "SmartScan" and "Purge" features of ZeXtras Backup will be used instead.

ZeXtras Backup UI overview

This page provides a brief overview of the ZeXtras Backup user interface.

  • (1) "Restore": Start a Restore on New Account operation.
  • (2) "Backup Path": The path on which ZxBackup stores all its data. Changing this will require to reinitialize the backup
  • (3) "Space Threshold": The minimum free disk space required for ZxBackup to operate. Once this thereshold is reached, ZxBackup will ignore all operations in order to avoid filling the disk.
  • (4) "Enable Scan Operation Scheduling": Enable/Disable nightly Smartscan and weekly Purge
  • (5) "Run Smartscan": Start a Smartscan operation.
  • (6) "Purge": Start a backup purge operation.
  • (7) "Stop ALL Backup Operations": Stop all backup operations and empty the operation queue. Use it when a poweroff/reboot is needed or when machine load is high.
  • (8) "Data Retention Policies": Set how long to keep data after deletion (default 30 days). Each "Purge" operation will remove any item deleted before the value set here.
  • (10) "Last Full Scan": Display some data about the last full scan.

ZeXtras Suite UI Overview video

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