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What is the Coherency Check?

The "Coherency Check" is a feature added in ZeXtras Suite 1.10.2 which performs a deeper check of a Backup Path than the one done by the SmartScan.

While the SmartScan works "incrementally", by only checking items which have been modified since the last SmartScan, the Coherency Check performs a throughout check of all metadata and BLOBs in the backup path.

It's specifically designed to detect corrupted metadata and BLOBs.

How does it work?

The Coherency Check verifies the integrity of every metadata in the backup path and of the related BLOBs: should any errors be found, running the check with the "fixBackup" option will move any orphaned or corrupted metadata/BLOB to a dedicated directory within the backup path.

When should a Coherency Check be executed?

  • At interval periods in order to make sure that everything is ok (e.g. every 3 or 6 months).
  • After a system crash.
  • After the filesystem or storage device containing the backup path experiences any issue.

Should the SmartScan detect a possible item corruption, a Coherency Check will be started automatically.

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The Coherency Check is highly I/O consuming, so make sure to run it only during off-peak periods

Running a Coherency Check

Starting the Check via the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet

The Coherency Check is not available on the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.

Starting the Check via the ZeXtras CLI

To start a Coherency Check via the ZeXtras CLI the "doCoherencyCheck" command is available

   zxsuite backup doCoherencyCheck {backup_path} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]


NAME                TYPE                  EXPECTED VALUES    DEFAULT
backup_path(M)      Path                                     
accountIds(O)       String[,..]                              all
checkZimbra(O)      Boolean               true|false         false
fixBackup(O)        Boolean               true|false         false
notifications(O)    Email Address[,..]                       

(M) == mandatory parameter, (O) == optional parameter

Usage example:

zxsuite backup docoherencycheck /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ accountIds d10759b2-58d3-48fc-b587-93d507340c79,9e6f4a6d-4b3c-41e9-a5e4-06f9eee136ad
Performs a coherency check on /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ for Jack's and John's accounts
zxsuite backup docoherencycheck /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ fixBackup true
Performs a coherency check on /opt/zimbra/backup/zextras/ and moves corrupted backup files and blob files not referenced by any metadata out of backup

Checking the status of a running check

To check the status of a running scan via the ZeXtras CLI the "monitor" command is available

   zxsuite backup monitor {operation_uuid} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]


NAME                 TYPE      
operation_uuid(M)    Uiid      
operation_host(O)    String    

(M) == mandatory parameter, (O) == optional parameter
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