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This documentation is outdated.
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ZeXtras Chat User Interface

Buddy List Window in "Dock" mode
Zxchat user.jpg
1- Presence drop-down menu
2- "Options" drop-down menu
3- Buddy List

Buddy List Management

Just like in the vast majority of IM clients, ZeXtras Chat organizes and displays your "buddies" in a list.

Each entry in this list identifies a buddy, displaying her current status and nickname:

  • Green Baloon - "Available"
  • Black Baloon - "Offline"
  • Yellow Baloon - "Away"
  • Red Baloon - "Busy"
  • Red Flag - "Incoming buddy request"
  • Black Baloon with Question Mark - "Buddy request sent"

You can start chatting by simply clicking the buddy's name.

Adding a new Buddy

To add a new buddy, simply click the "Add new buddy" and enter the buddy's email address and nickname. If no nickname is entered, the "Display Name" for the account you are adding as a buddy will be used.

Incoming Buddy Requests

To accept or deny an incoming buddy request, simply click on the buddy's entry within the Buddy List.

IM Status

ZeXtras Chat allows you to choose 1 out of 4 different statuses:

  • Available - You are online and available to chat.
  • Away - You are away from the keyboard.
  • Busy - You are busy dealing with other matters.
  • Invisible - You are online and can both send and receive chat messages, but you will appear as "Offline" to all of your buddies.

Chat History

Chat conversations are automatically saved and archived within the "/Chats" email folder.

In order to view the chat history for a buddy, simply open a chat window with that very buddy and click on the "View Chat History" button.


ZeXtras Chat user preferences can be found by clicking on "Preferences" in the "Options" drop-down menu.

Available preferences are:

  • Buddy List
    • "Hide offline buddies" (checkbox) - Allows you to hide offline buddies from your Buddy List so that only online buddies will be displayed.
    • "Sort Buddy List by" (drop-down) - Choose whether to sort buddies by nickname or by status.
  • Notifications
    • "Play a sound" (checkbox) - Play a sound each time a new message is received.
    • "Flash browser's title bar" (cehckbox) - Flash browser's title bar when a new message is received.
    • "Show desktop notifications" (checbox) - Enables desktop notifications. See below for more informations about this feature.
  • Idle
    • "Report Idle status" (checkbox) - If checked, after a define amount of minutes of inactivity your status will automatically be changed to "Away".
    • "Idle timeout" (drop-down) - Select the inactiviti thereshold after which your status is automatically changed to "Away".
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