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What is ZeXtras Migration Tool for Zimbra, a.k.a. ZxMig

Your server is starting to fit tight to your needs? You want to change your OS or migrate a domain from a dedicated machine to a multi-domain environment? You just discovered the true power within Zimbra Open Source Edition but you are overwhelmed by fear when thinking about all the problems a server migration can cause? Just use ZeXtras Migration Tool on the source server and import the resulting data with ZxBackup!

ZeXtras Migration Tool is built to scan through a Zimbra Open Source Edition server and export all the data and settings, enabling you to import the result with ZxBackup. Just run the installer, choose a path and let this little rascal do the magic. Then with ZxBackup choose what to import, going from a single user to an entire server, and push the 'start' button.

It's cool. We know.

Features List

Multiple domain migration.

Migrate your domains one by one o in bulk from any Zimbra Collaboration Server to any ZeXtras-enabled server.

Transparent migration: all of your Domain Settings are restored.

No need to create and configure the domain(s) on the new server, as all Domain Settings, COS and LDAP attributes are backupped. Restore is fully automated, and domains can be imported both in a new machine built from scratch or in a production machine.

Saves both user's config and data, including Tags and Preferences.

Unlike other migration tools, Tags and Preferences remain consistent on the new server, along with all the users' data and configuration. No more angry users!

Safeguards the consistency of relations between different mailboxes.

All the shared items in a mailbox remain consistent through the migration, as do the ACLs. This applies to both 'incoming' and 'outgoing' shares.

Optimized storage management.

Data is de-duplicated and compressed so it's easier to move to the destination machine. Disk space used by the migration files is always less than the live Zimbra store.

ZxMig Docs

Install Guide

Migrate Zimbra! (Admin Guide)

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