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This wiki is outdated and not maintained anymore, please refer to the new Zextras Documentation Hub at https://docs.zextras.com

zxmig - ZeXtras Migration Tool Command-Line Interface

Version 1.0 of ZeXtras Migration Tool introduced a CLI feature allowing administrators to perform quick operations directly from the command line of a server.

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This is just a quick-reference command list. For a full description and usage example, please run `zxsuite help {component} [command]`

Basic Usage

Every component of ZeXtras Migration Tool, namely the Core and the ZxMig component, has its own set of zxmig commands. All zxmig commands are invoked with the following syntax:

zxmig [--host|--offline] [--json] [--progress]{component} {action} [options]

Available switches:

  • --host [hostname|ip] - Specify a target host for the command. Leave blank for localhost. Use all_servers to broadcast the command to all ZeXtras Migration Tool-enabled Zimbra servers.
  • --offline - Use if Zimbra is not started. Some commands will not work
  • --json - The output of the command will be presented in JSON format. Good for scripting.
  • --progress - Prints the operation's feedback directly to STDOUT. Press Ctrl+C to interrupt the output. The operation itself won't be interrupted.

Online Help: An Online Help for every command is available through zxmig help {component} [command]

Core CLI

Basic Usage:

zxmig core {action}

Core Commands

getVersion - Display ZeXtras Migration Tool version
getProperty - Get configuration properties
setProperty - Set configuration properties
getLicenseInfo - Display ZeXtras Migration Tool license informations
getUpdateInfo - Display update informations for ZeXtras Migration Tool
doCheckUpdate - Display available updates for ZeXtras Migration Tool

Migration CLI

Basic Usage:

zxmig migration {action} [options]

Migration Commands

doExport - Perform an Account Export
monitor - Monitor a running operation
doStopOperation - Stop a single running operation
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