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ZxMobile logo box.png Available since ZeXtras version: 1.10
Latest Version: 2.6.7
Released on: July 10th, 2018
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ZxMobile User Interface Overview

What is ZxMobile

The ZeXtras Mobile module provides an ActiveSync interface to any Zimbra Open Source Edition server, allowing your users to synchronize their mobile phones to the mail server giving access to both Email and advanced features like Calendars, Address Books and Notes.

The ActiveSync protocol

ActiveSync is a moblile synchronization protocol developed by Microsoft. The implementation used by ZeXtras Mobile is called Exchange Active Sync, and provides PUSH synchronization of Calendars, Address Books and Emails between an ActiveSync-enabled server and multiple devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, PDAs and Desktop Compuers.

It's the only protocol, together with Research In Motions' BES/BIS, to offer real PUSH updates.

Features List

Major features of ZeXtras Mobile Module are:

  • Push emails, calendars and address books.
  • Fully featured Calendar synchronization including Calendar Attachments and Recurring Appointments.
  • Fully featured Address Book synchronization including Contact Photos, Custom Fields and Multiple Entries.
  • Fully featured Tasks synchronization (only on devices/clients that support this feature)
  • Shared folder synchronization - new in ZeXtras Suite 2.0
  • GAL searches.
  • Two-Way synchronization.
  • Advanced search - perform mailbox-wide searches even on not synchronized items.
  • Attachment Management.
  • Send, accept, decline or reschedule meetings directly from your mobile.
  • No configuration needed - enable the ZeXtras Mobile Module and manage your devices via the ZeXtras Adminsitration Zimlet!
  • Manage multiple accounts on the same device.

Module Activation

See License Management for all the informations you need about the licensing system and management.

In order for your users to be able to synchronize their Zimbra mailbox with your mobile device you need to enable the synchronization for either one or more users or one or more classes of service (or a mix of the two).

ZxMobile Docs

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