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Available since ZeXtras version: 1.10
Latest Version: 3.0.0
Released on: August 7th, 2019
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To enable and use the ZeXtras Mobile Module you'll need:

  • An active ZeXtras Suite License with ZxMobile Module enabled.
  • ZeXtras Suite and the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet installed on a supported version of Zimbra.
  • Full user rights on the machine:
    • Admin access to Zimbra (usually https://myserver.mydomain.tld:7071/).
    • Root access to the Operating System.

Getting Started

Important Informations

Ports and network configuration

ZeXtras Mobile uses a handler within the mailboxd service - through Jetty - to accept incoming connections, and thus the ports used as the same as http/s webmail. The ports used by default (80 and 443) are the same default ports used by all Exchange ActiveSync clients, and thus no additional configuration is usually required. However, if your Zimbra server is set up to use different webmail http/s ports, you'll need to make sure that appropriate routing rules are applied for incoming mobile connections, as the vast majority of EAS client does not allow to specify a custom set of ports - trying to reach the aforementioned default ports instead.

If you're unsure, you can check the ports used by the Zimbra Webmail running:

 zmprov gcf zimbraMailPort
 zmprov gcf zimbraMailSSLPort

ZxMobile and IMAP-deleted emails

By default ZeXtras Mobile synchronizes IMAP-deleted emails which have not been yet purged. This can be changed by setting the module's "ZxMobile_ImapDeletedFilterEnabled" property to "true". Due to the nature of the IMAP deletion process, enabling the filter might have an impact on system performances.

A brief introduction to the ZxMobile module's UI

  • The ZxMobile section of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet, explained.

ZeXtras Suite CLI Guide

  • List of all commands in the ZeXtras CLI

ZeXtras Mobile on Zimbra Network Edition

  • Tips on how to use Zextras Mobile on Zimbra Network Edition.

ZeXtras Mobile and Shared Folders

  • New in Zextras Suite 2.0: Synchronize your shared folders to any mobile device.

Client Access Control with ABQ

  • New in Zextras Suite 2.10: Control client access through an Allow/Block/Quarantine model.

ZeXtras Mobile on Multistore environments

The ZeXtras Mobile module can be activated in Singlestore and Multistore environments alike. Mind that ZeXtras Mobile won't proxy requests between servers, so if you configure your client to connect directly to one of the Zimbra servers in a multistore enviroment, be sure that your account resides in that very server.

ZeXtras Mobile and Samsung devices

Due to the amount of manufacturer customizations causing issues and out-of-spec behaviours of Samsung clients running the stock client on Android, ZeXtras Mobile includes some specific server-side limitations to avoid as many synchronization issues as possible.

Since the vast majority of issues has been detecting when using versions of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol higher than the old 2.5, a dedicated module property, "ZxMobile_MaxSamsungVersion", has been introduced to define the maximum protocol version usable by Samsung clients. This property is set to default to "2.5" and cannot be overridden by either EAS Filters or by the various "ZxMobile_EASXX" properties, meaning that this value is the ONLY reference for all Samsung clients.

Using version 2.5 of the Exchange ActiveSync protocol will make devices unable to benefit of the following features:

  • Server-side mail search.
  • Email flagging.
  • Mobile Provisioning.

It's always possible to change the value of the "ZxMobile_MaxSamsungVersion" property either via CLI or via the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet to use a higher protocol version, but doing so will likely cause one or more of the following issues:

  • Inability to download full emails if the default download size is set to a value lower than the email's size.
  • Duplicated device notifications.
  • Inability to properly accept or sync Meeting Requests.
  • Synchronization loops.

We are eagerly working on fixing as many issues as possible due to server-side workarounds, but at the moment setting the Max Samsung Version limit to 2.5 is highly suggested.


Enable the ZeXtras Mobile Module for all users in a Class of Service

  • Decide who can synchronize their Zimbra mailbox through ZeXtras Mobile with their devices and clients, by Class of Service.

Enable the ZeXtras Mobile Module for a Single user

  • Decide who can synchronize their Zimbra mailbox through ZeXtras Mobile with their devices and clients, user by user.

Quick Account Configuration through Autodiscovery

  • Set up Autodiscovery so that your users won't need to enter server informations while setting up a new device/client.

The "Mobile Password" feature

  • One password to rule them all, and to avoid re-configuring all of your devices should you change your Zimbra password.

Mobile Device Management (a.k.a. Provisioning)

  • Introduction to the provisioning features available through Exchange ActiveSync 14.

Managing the SyncState of your devices

  • See who is syncing what and manage your users' synchronization status.

Advanced options for performance tuning

  • Fine tuning for very large deployments.

Client Configuration

Android Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and an Android device.

Apple iOS Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and an iOS device.

Windows Phone Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and a Windows Phone device.

Blackberry OS 10+ Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and a Blackberry OS 10+ device.

Nokia Mail4Exchange Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and a Nokia device through Mail4Exchange.

Outlook 2013/2016 Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and Outlook 2013/2016.

Windows Mail 8 Exchange Activesync Configuration Guide

  • How to set up the sync between a Zimbra mailbox and Windows Mail 8.

Best Practices

SSL Support

ZeXtras Mobile and Apache proxying

If your Zimbra server runs on non-standard ports an you are using an http/https proxy to redirect connection requests to Zimbra, note that you must manually specify proxy rules to redirect all traffic arriving at




and all traffic arriving at




Mind that the "Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" part is case sensitive.

Known Issues

General Device-side issues

Please note that some "issues" might actually be inherent limitations of the ActiveSync Protocol (e.g. bug #30 on the ZeXtras Bugzilla - http://bugzilla.zextras.com/show_bug.cgi?id=30) or limitations of the specific device used. Tests on all supported platforms are being carried on in order to verify if any additional feature (such as different file sizes and image types) are supported even if not strictly compliant to the protocol's specifications.

Samsung Galaxy SII (G9100i) issues

Multiple Samsung Galaxy SII users report synchronization issues after the update to Android 4.0.3. Such issues are caused by several bugs on the ActiveSync implementation of this device's default client. Updating to Android 4.0.4 solves all reported synchronization issues.

Samsung devices and EAS14/EAS14.1

A large number of client issues has been found in Samsung devices using version 14 and 14.1 of the EAS protocol. Because of this, starting from ZeXtras Suite 1.8.11 any device registering as *samsung* is forced to EAS12 if EAS14 is enabled for the synchronized account.

Due to protocol limitations, it's not possible to change the protocol version 'on the fly', so accounts previously registered using EAS14 must be deleted from the device and re-created in order to be functional.

Stuck on "Retrieving Server Information" when sending an email (only affects Samsung clients running Android 4.3)

This is a know issue in Samsung's EAS implementation on Android 4.3. The issue was fixed in Android 4.4.2, but if you can't/don't want to update you can follow this steps:

  • Send an Appointment Invitation to the account synchronized with the device.
  • Let the invitation email sync to the device.
  • Respond to the invitation using the default email client.

iOS7+ "nested" attachments

Because of an iOS bug, "nested" attachments (attachments of an email attached to another email) are not accessible. This is not limited to Exchange ActiveSync accounts but affects all accounts set up in the default Mail app.

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