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Available since version: 1.3.0
Latest Version: 2.10.0
Released on: October 3rd, 2018
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What is ZxPowerStore

Storage Management is a total pain in the assignments of a system administrator. Moving large chunks of data from this or that storage media, find the most performing solution, calculate dates and predictions on storage sizes.. ZeXtras PowerStore Module helps you to organize your data by automatically managing all your data management policies according to a ruleset you define, showing you statistics and giving you a bird-eye view on all of your storage media.

Features List

Major features of ZeXtras PowerStore Module are:

  • HSM support for Zimbra Open Source Edition
  • Type-level policy management
  • Advanced Volume Management
  • Volume Compression and Item Deduplication for major storage space saving
  • Complete integration with the Zimbra Administration Console
  • ZeXtras Backup integration

Module Activation

This module does not require any specific activation.

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