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This documentation is outdated.
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What is a Policy

A HSM Policy is a set of rules that will be applied to define what items will be moved from the Primary Store to the Secondary Store when the "doMoveBlobs" operation of ZxPowerstore is triggered, either manually or by scheduling.

A Policy can consist of a single rule valid for all Item Types ("Simple" policy) or multiple rules valid for one or more Item Types ("Composite" policy). Also, an additional "subrule" can be defined using Zimbra's search syntax.

Policy Examples

Here you can find some Policy examples described in human readable language. To see how to create this Policies in the ZxPowerstore module, see below.

  • "Move all items older than 30 days"
  • "Move emails older than 15 days and items of all other kinds older than 30 days"
  • "Move calendar items than 15 days, briefcase items older than 20 days and all emails in the "Archive" folder"

Defining a Policy

Policies can be defined both from the ZxPowerstore tab of the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet and from the ZeXtras CLI. You can specify a Zimbra Search in both cases.

From the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet

  • Log into the Zimbra Administration Console.
  • Click the "ZxPowerstore" entry on the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet.

ZxPowerstore tab 1.png

  • Click the "Add" button in the Storage Management Policy section of the page.

ZxPowerstore Policy 1.png

  • Select the Item Types from the "Items to Move:" list.
  • Enter the Item Age from the "Move Items older than:" box.
  • OPTIONAL: Add a Zimbra Search in the "Addiditional Options" box.

ZxPowerstore Policy 2.png

  • You can add multiple "lines" to narrow down your policy. Every "line" will be evaluated and executed after the line before has been applied.

ZxPowerstore Policy 3.png

From the ZeXtras CLI

Two policy management commands are available il the ZeXtras CLI

  • setHsmPolicy
  • +setHsmPolicy
zxsuite powerstore setHsmPolicy {policy}

This command resets the current policy and creates a new one as specified by the policy parameter.

The policy parameter must be specified in the following syntax

zxsuite powerstore +setHsmPolicy {policy}

This command adds the query specified by the policy parameter to the current HSM Policy.

The policy parameter must be specified in the following syntax

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