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What is Undelete Restore?

Undelete Restore is one of the Restore Modes available in ZxBackup.

It allows an administrator to restore all items deleted from a mailbox in a period of time and and put them in a dedicated Zimbra folder inside the mailbox itself.

How does it work?

During an Undelete Restore the ZxBackup engine searches the backup datastore for items flagged as "DELETED" and restores them in a dedicated folder in the selected Mailbox.

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In order to allow to deal with IMAP-deleted emails in a more comfortable way for the user: the "deleted" IMAP flag will now be stripped from any restored item so that the item itself is visible in the Zimbra WebClient.

Running an Undelete Restore

Via the ZeXtras Administration Console

  • In the Left Pane of the Administration Console select "Accounts" to show up the Accounts List.

RONA 01 b.png

  • Browse the list and select the account to be restored (Source) by clicking on it.

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  • On the top bar, press the wheel and then the "Restore " button".

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  • Select "Undelete" as the Restore Mode and press "Next".

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  • Choose the restore date-time slot. Day/Month/Year can be selected via a minical, the hour via a drop-down menu, minute and second via two text boxes. Click "Next".

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  • Verify all your choice in the Operation Summary window. You can also add additional email addresses to be notified when the Restore operation is finished. Pleas notice that the Admin account and the User who started the Restore procedure are notified by default.

UNDE 03 b.png

  • Click "Finish" to start the Restore.

Via the ZeXtras CLI

To start an Undelete Restore operation, the "doUndelete" command is available:

   zxsuite backup doUndelete {account} {"dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"|first} {"dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"|last} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2...]]


NAME                TYPE                  EXPECTED VALUES                
account(M)          Account Name                                         
start_date(M)       Date                  "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"|first    
end_date(M)         Date                  "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"|last     
notifications(O)    Email Address[,..]                                   

(M) == mandatory parameter, (O) == optional parameter

Usage example:

zxsuite backup doundelete John "08/10/2012 10:15:00" last
Performs an undelete on John's account of all items created between 08/10/2012 10:15:00 and the latest data available

ZeXtras Backup Undelete Restore tutorial Video

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