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This documentation is outdated.
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What is the Restore Deleted Account?

The Restore Deleted Account procedure allows you to restore a the contents and preferences of a mailbox as it was when said mailbox was deleted, in a completely new account.

How does it work?

When a Restore Deleted Account starts a new account is created (the Destination Account) and all the items existing in the Source Account at the moment of the deletion are recreated in the Destination Account, including the folder structure and all the user's data. All restored items will be created in the Current Primary Store unless the "Obey HSM Policy" box is checked.

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When restoring data on a new account, shared items consistency is not preserved. This is because the original share rules refer to the original account's ID, not to the restored one's.

From the ZxBackup tab

  • In the Left Pane of the Administration Console select "ZxBackup" to show up the ZeXtras Backup tab.

Zimlet Panel b.png

  • On the Top Bar push the "Restore Deleted Account" button.

RDA 01 a.png

  • Choose the restore date. Day/Month/Year can be selected via a minical, the hour via a drop-down menu, minute and second via two text boxes. Click "Next".

RONA 07 b.png

  • Browse the list and select the account to be restored (Source) by clicking on it.

RONA 08 b.png

  • Enter the name of the new account (Destination) in the text box. You can then choose whether to Hide in GAL the new account or not. When you're done choosing, press "Next".

RONA 09 b.png

  • Verify all your choice in the Operation Summary window. You can also add additional email addresses to be notified when the Restore operation is finished. Pleas notice that the Admin account and the User who started the Restore procedure are notified by default.

RONA 10 b.png

  • Click "Finish" to start the Restore.
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