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This documentation is outdated.
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How to Export a ZxMig dataset


To export a ZeXtras Migration Tool dataset ZxMig must be installed on the source server.

ZeXtras Migration Tool is completely free, so a valid license is not required.

ZeXtras Suite must NOT be installed on the source machine.

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When running in Trial Mode, you will not be able to import data exported more than 30 days from the current date.

Exporting data from a Multiserver Infrastructure

When exporting data from a Multiserver Infrastructure always remember that a dataset exported from one mailbox server will only contain accounts stored in that mailbox server itself.

Export Guide

  • In the Left Pane of the Administration Console select ZxMig to show up the ZeXtras Migration Tool interface. Carefully read all the informations on the page.

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  • Click "Start Migration" to begin the migration process.

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  • Enter the Destination Path in the textbox and press Forward. ZxMig will check if the destination folder is empty and whether the 'zimbra' user has R/W permissions or not.

ZxMig 02.png

  • Select the domains you want to export and press Forward.

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  • Verify all your choices in the Operation Summary window. You can also add additional email addresses to be notified when the Restore operation is finished. Please notice that the Admin account and the User who started the Restore procedure are notified by default.

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ZeXtras Migration Tool Data Export tutorial Video

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