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ZeXtras Mobile Performance tuning

ZeXtras Mobile provides three useful options to fine-tune the ZxMobile module according to system performances.

Performance Tuning settings

Available settings

  • Notifications Latency (ZxMobile_NotificationsLatency): The seconds of delay between an event on the server and its notification to the mobile device
  • Use Instant Notifications (ZxMobile_UseInstantNotficiations): Enable/Disable instant notifications. Overrides Notifications Latency if true.
  • Max Ping Heartbeat (ZxMobile_MaxPingHeartbeat): Maximum interval between 'ping' commands.

All settings can be edited on the ZeXtras Administration Zimlet or using the `setProperty` command on the ZeXtras CLI

When to edit the Performance Tuning Settings

Default settings should be optimal for most situations. If you experience one or more of the problems below, please apply the proper solution:

Problem Solution
High system load Disable Instant Notifications
High system load after disabling Instant Notifications Raise Notification Latency.
Mobile users experience high network usage Disable Instant Notifications and tweak Notifications Latency
Devices can connect but sessions are interrupted frequently Adjust Max Ping Heartbeat according to your Network configuration
Items are synchronized from server-to-device with an excessive delay Lower Norification Latency or Enable Instant Notifications
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