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"Mobile Passwords" and you

The "Mobile Password" feature allows Global and Delegated Admins to set an additional password for an account to be used for Exchange ActiveSync authentications only.

The main benefits of using this feature are:

  • Enforce "set-and-forget" safe passwords regardless of any other password policy - so that you won't need to change the password saved on all mobile devices sycnhronized with an account should this account's Zimbra password change.
  • Avoid the "real" password to be disclosed in case of unauthorized access to the device/client.

A "Mobile Password" will not be valid for Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP logins and the account password will not be valid for Mobile logins.

How to set a Mobile Password for a mailbox

Setting a Mobile Password is very easy:

  • Enter the Zimbra Administration Console
  • Right-click on the user for which you want to set a Mobile Password and select "Edit"
  • In the "ZxMobile" tab within the user's settings, check the "Enable mobile password" checkbox
  • Enter the desired password in the "Mobile password" field and enter it again in the "Confirm mobile password field. You can also choose to generate a random mobile password by clickin the "Generate random password" button
  • Save and you are good to go!
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