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This documentation is outdated.
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Windows Mail 8 and your Zimbra Server

Microsoft Windows Mail 8 is the first version ever of Windows Mail (previously known as Outlook Express) to include Exchange ActiveSync capabilities.

This means that you will be able to synchronize your Emails, Address Book, Calendar and Tasks between your Zimbra server and your Outlook client using ZeXtras Mobile (version 1.8.6 or higher).

Configuring Windows Mail 8 to synchronize with your Zimbra mailbox


In order to synchronize Windows Mail 8 and your Zimbra mailbox through ZeXtras Mobile you need the following:

- A working install of Windows Mail 8

- ZeXtras Suite installed on your Zimbra server

- An active ZeXtras Suite license, either trial or paid, including the ZeXtras Mobile module.

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Windows Mail 8 uses SSL by default and won't synchronize to a server in http mode. In order to see how to enable SSL on your Zimbra server, check out the official Zimbra documentation here

Also, make sure that mobile synchronization is enabled either for your account or for your Class of Service.

If you don't know what this means you might need to ask your System Administrator.

Configuration Guide

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For additional security you can configure a dedicated Mobile Password for your accounts

Step-by-step guide

(Click on "show" to see the screenshot for each step)

Click on "Show fewer details", enter your server and account informations and press "Connect"
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Windows Mail 8 and Self Signed Certificates

In Windows Mail 8, Exchange ActiveSync accounts are only allowed to synchronize through a secure connection (HTTPS on port 443).

If your server is using a self-signed certificates your users' experience will be severely impaired because of the frequent warning messages displayed by Windows Mail 8 due to the certificate not being signed by a trusted CA.

In order to avoid this, you Zimbra server's CA can be added to the locally trusted CAs on the computer running the client. All appropriate files can be found in the /opt/zimbra/ssl/zimbra/ directory and subdirectories, while informations on how to add trusted Certificates Authorities - both locally and domain-wide - can be found on the Microsoft Support website

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