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This wiki is outdated and not maintained anymore, please refer to the new Zextras Documentation Hub at https://docs.zextras.com

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This documentation is outdated.
Please refer to https://docs.zextras.com

System Requirements

  • Nokia Mail for Exchange installed on the device.

Configuration Guide

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For additional security you can configure a dedicated Mobile Password for your accounts

Step-by-step guide

(informations and screenshots retrieved from nokia.com) - © 2007 Nokia

  • Select MfE folder from Menu.

ZxMobile m4e 1.jpg

  • Open the configuration application.

ZxMobile m4e 2.jpg

  • Create new profile by clicking "Yes".

ZxMobile m4e 3.jpg

  • Click each setting for configuration:
 Connection: IP address / Server name, access point
 Credentials: network username, password and domain name
 Sync content: what to sync, email, contacts, calendar
 Sync schedule: when to sync, manually, automatically or timed peak (office hours), off-peak

ZxMobile m4e 4.jpg

  • Connection settings
 Exchange server: IP address / Server name
 Secure connection: Yes, if SSL is in use
 Access point: “Used connection”
 Sync while roaming: Yes always if traveling
 Use default port: Yes

ZxMobile m4e 5.jpg

  • Credentials.

ZxMobile m4e 6.jpg

  • What to sync.
 Click each sync content to enable or disable to sync.
 At least one method has to be chosen.
 Note that email has to be chosen before Mail for Exchange inbox is visible
 In case of conflict: Server wins

ZxMobile m4e 7.jpg

  • When to sync.
 Manually, automatically or periodically timed
 If peak and off peak are not set to “Manual” the user will have to configure both the peak sync and off-peak sync schedules.

ZxMobile m4e 8.jpg

  • Peak (e.g. office hours).
 Sync automatically or periodically at some time interval

ZxMobile m4e 9.jpg

  • Peak.
 To choose manually peak and off-peak time and days

ZxMobile m4e 10.jpg

  • Off-peak.
 Manually, automatically or periodically timed (see picture 11 to choose peak and off-peak time and days)

ZxMobile m4e 11.jpg

  • Email synchronization settings.
 New email pop-up
 Email sending timing
 Synchronization from past

ZxMobile m4e 12.jpg

  • Saving the profile.
 When done press the “Back” button

ZxMobile m4e 13.jpg

  • Saving the profile.
 The main profile screen is displayed press the “Back” button again

ZxMobile m4e 14.jpg

  • Saving the profile.

ZxMobile m4e 15.jpg

  • The profile is saved.

ZxMobile m4e 16.jpg

 Mail for Exchange will prompt for missing mandatory items if you try to save the profile before giving all the data that is needed.
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